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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TEC Spartans Program about? 

TEC Spartans Program is an innovative campus connect program that is designed to bring together the passionate gamers of India. It is a one academic year long program that offers aspiring gamers unique opportunities such as organizing events, learning from industry experts and more. Through this program, gaming students can network with each other and build their skills to become successful in the industry. 

Who can apply? 

Anyone who meets our criteria: 

  • Minimum 18 Years of Age 

  • Strong Written and Verbal Communication skills 

  • Graduate and post graduate students currently pursuing their degree in India 

  • Strong knowledge in Gaming, Esports and Technology  

How do I apply? What happens after I apply? 

You can apply directly by filling the form. Once you apply you will hear from us if you are selected. 

Can students from any university apply? 

Yes, students from all universities in India are welcome to apply. 

Are there any incentives for being a TEC Spartan? 

This is a great chance to learn and hone your strategic, communications, and leadership skills. Not only will these lessons give you an edge in your career, but they also come with the added perk of paid opportunities from time to time. 

*By participating in TEC Spartans program, you acknowledge that this is an unpaid opportunity and is not considered employment. While we may occasionally offer paid opportunities to our student ambassadors, participation in the program does not guarantee access to paid opportunities. Any paid opportunities that become available will be offered at the discretion of the sponsoring organization, and may be subject to additional terms and conditions. This program is primarily a learning and development opportunity for you to gain valuable experience and skills, and to contribute to your community.*

Who can I contact if I have any questions regarding the TEC Spartans Program? 

To get in touch with us at Spartans eSports, please email us at and make sure to include your inquiry in the subject line. 

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